HOLO SURGICAL is a digital surgery company focused on improving patient outcomes by bringing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to the operating room. It was founded in 2015 by virtual and augmented reality expert Prof. Cristian Luciano, PhD, spine surgeon Dr. Kris Siemionow, MD, PhD, and by Prof. Paul Lewicki, PhD, a pioneer in AI. 


Our mission is to help surgeons provide patients with improved outcomes, shorter surgeries, and decreased soft tissue morbidity, thus significantly enhancing cranial and spinal neurosurgical procedures.


With offices in North America (USA) and Europe (Poland), we are a multidisciplinary team of physicians, engineers, and designers with vast experience in virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, surgical simulation, 3D computer graphics, physics engines, motion tracking, industrial design, and manufacturing.

management Team

management Team

This technology has not been cleared or approved by the FDA and is not for sale in the United States. Copyright 2019 Holo Surgical Inc. All Rights Reserved.